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Sequoia Fall Festival

Fall Festival

Kim Matteson dances during the Pep Rally in September 2016
Posted September 2016

Mr. Morales leads a Sequoia Dance class
Posted September 2016

Sequoia Stallions JH Basketball team’s championship winning game

Posted February 2016
AZ Cardinals, Tyrann Mathieu Give Back to the Community at Sequoia Schools
Posted on 11/13/2013
SCSS & SSDHH Archery Class
Posted on 02/27/2013
“Sequoia Martial Arts” by Rapunxel
Posted on 02/26/2013
Sequoia Martial Arts : “High School Martial Arts” by Rapunxel
Posted on 02/25/2013
Sequoia Martial Arts : “Who Are You?” by Rapunxel

Posted on 02/24/2013
SAA Dance Crew Performs at Health and Wellness Fair
Posted on 03/30/2012