Robb Floco (Athletic Director and Assistant Principal)

He attended University of Louisiana at Lafayette and University of Phoenix. He was inspired to go into teaching by having great mentor teachers, coaches and administrators. That inspired him to want to give back like they did for him. His mission is to create opportunities for youth and that success isn’t measured by talent, but by having a great attitude and strong work ethic. 

Chris Lennen (Government, Economics, and World History)

I attended Indiana University, known as IU. I’ve wanted to become a teacher since I was 13 years old. I was always the kid that loved speaking and doing presentations so teaching came naturally. As a teacher, I believe my job is to prepare young men and women to be able to understand the world around them and to become a productive member of their family/community. 

Todd Hoover (Guitar, Voice, Piano, Audio Production and Song Writing)

I have a BA in media literacy and criticism from Arizona State University, and an MA in worship and music ministry from Fuller Theological Seminary.

My mother is a second-grade teacher, so pedagogy is something a family tradition. I started teaching music professionally in 2012, and therein found what I enjoy doing more than anything else.

My mission as a secondary music teacher is to show students that reading, rehearsing, performing, creating, and recording music is not some magical gift available to only a select few natural-born geniuses, but an extremely precise and deeply expressive skill that anyone can acquire through patience and persistence.

Peter Hill (Life Skills)

I attended Rockhurst College and Arizona State University.
The movie “To Sir With Love” inspired me to be a teacher at a young age. I saw the transformation that could be facilitated through teaching.
My mission is to encourage students to love and value themselves while they discover their gifts. Also to empower them to build their knowledge, power, and love to navigate the roles and worlds of their lives.

Wilbur Morales (Dance and Personal Development)

I went to Florida International University and University of Central Florida. I went into teaching to work with youth and have a positive impact in their lives. I like to see each kid learn and grow from what they learned.

Sandy Simms (SEI)

I graduated from Arizona State University, Mary Lou Fulton Teachers College, Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Secondary Education/English. Ms. Simms maintains a close relationship with the English Department at ASU, working annually on the Dia de Los Libros, youth literacy event that host over 450 local students, as well as the Sparky Poetry Slam, an annual poetry event that focuses on the youth voice.

My philosophy of education is framed by student empowerment. Student engagement is a result of student empowerment, and I plan to offer my students challenges to use their voices in writing, speaking, and in the investment of their learning. From my own experience I know how powerful it is to rise to the occasion and build accomplishments. I know that I will be a teacher that will support and empower my student’s educational and personal growth potentials.

Paris Brenno (ELA and World History)

I attended Minot State University-BA and Rio Salado for my CC-Education Certificate. I wanted to become a teacher because many of my aunts were teachers and one of them received her doctorate when she was 70. They all loved what they did and enjoyed helping kids succeed. My mission as a teacher is to gain the student’s trust so they will accept the information and be able to apply it when they need it. I also want to help the students achieve their goals.

Kay Chapman (Librarian) 

I worked as a Kindergarten teacher for 12 years here at Sequoia Charter School. I loved working with the students so they could have a great experience their first year of school. I wanted to help the students have a love of learning so that led me to work in the library now for the past 12 years.

Nicole Soriano (Physical Education)

I attended ASU. I wanted to become a teacher in second grade because I loved how my teacher was and I wanted to be the same way. I fell in love with PE during high school. I wanted to be a PE teacher to be able to teach sports to students so they can use what I’ve taught them outside of school. I want all of my students to owe their learning and become real life learners.

Emir Neeley (Foreign Language)

I attended college at Jersey City state University in New Jersey in Computer Information System, and finished my degree in teaching in Arizona State University. My inspiration become from loved or helping others, and my love for my culture. I believe that is one of the most important functions implemented in our culture. I believe that teachers, individually and collectively, have the capacity not only to change the world, but to improve it. My mission as a teacher is to help students in class as well as to help them succeed in life. I focus my class on learning about different cultures and learning to appreciate them. I want children to learn in a safe and comfortable environment to increase their self-esteem. High self-esteem will allow them to strive and achieve any goal they set. As a teacher, I will help you to do that. I will have the privilege of forming future parents and productive members of society. For all these reasons, I wonder, what better job could there be? My answer is no because teaching is more than a job. It is an important influence and contribution that I can make to improve our society.