Other Helpful Websites

College Preparation and Counseling Websites

Pay4CollegeArizona: A great website full of info on how to prepare for college, and then how to pay for it when you get there

Expect More Arizona College and Career Planning: A nice guide with a checklist of what students should be doing in junior high and each year of high school in order to prepare for college and careers

KnowHow2Go : A government-sponsored website to help students prepare for college

Students.gov : The federal government’s student web portal

ASU’s Virtual Counseling Center

CollegeWeekLive : An online college fair that’s free for students

AZCIS : An interactive website for Arizona high school students to help them prepare for the future, wherever it might take them (Ties into the Educational and Career Action Plan–ECAP)

AZTransfer.com: AZTransfer.com helps students who want to transfer within the Arizona college and university system. The site has tools to help you plan for your transfer and provides accurate information about how your courses transfer, meet requirements, and apply to a degree program. It also has information on which courses you need to take for your major and the various transfer pathways open to you.

Arizona College & Career Guide: This comprehensive guide lists all post-secondary institutions in the state of Arizona–both public and private–along with all degree and certificate programs each school offers.

MAPP (Maricopa-ASU Pathway Program): MAPP is a streamlined program to help students earn their Associate’s at a Maricopa college and then easily transfer to get their Bachelor’s at ASU.

Maricopa-NAU Connection: This site gives you the rundown on how to get your Associate’s at a Maricopa college and then your Bachelor’s at NAU.

Transfer.org: Unsure if that Theater course you took five years ago will transfer to your new out-of-state school for the right credit? Transfer.org can help you determine the transferability of your college credits.

Standardized Test Websites


PLAN Website

ACT Student Website

SAT Website

AP Exams

CLEP Exams

Career Websites




Cool Websites

West Point Bridge Design : Try your hand at building a bridge. Will it endure, or will it collapse on the first use?

Impact: Earth!: Create a meteor that will strike the Earth, changing its density, size, velocity, and angle of impact. Will it destroy all life on the planet, or will it cause little damage?