You will begin hearing the term ECAP (pronounced E-CAP) fairly often. ECAP stands for Educational and Career Action Plan. The state of Arizona requires that, starting with the graduating class of 2013, every student have an Educational and Career Action Plan.

So, what exactly is ECAP? Aside from the acronym, ECAP means that every student must give some serious thought as to what he or she wants to do after high school. Whether it’s writing a cover letter, preparing a resume, picking out a college or technical school, or deciding on a career or major, students will begin to prepare for their lives post-high school.

You can take ECAP as a class for credit through Sequoia Charter Schools Secondary, or you can work on your own through the Arizona Career Information System . Either way, it is important that you think about your future plans.

To further help you, here are some letters for high school students with some ideas and suggestions for getting started. As always, you can contact Mrs. Bynum in the counseling department if you have questions or need help.

Letter to Freshmen

Letter to Sophomores

Letter to Juniors

Letter to Seniors