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Dear, Sequoia Secondary Faculty & Administration,Coming from Taylor Jr. High, My sister (Jennifer Hecht) and I (Dane DeLand) were unsure on what high school to attend. We were in an area where Westwood, Mesa High, and Mountain View were all options. However, a curve ball was sent our way when a very close family friend referred us to a school we hadn’t heard of before. This family friend is Peter Hill, he has been a contributing factor in my life since I was born and has supplied me with so many opportunities that I know have had a major influence on the man I am today.

One of these many opportunities was attending Sequoia Secondary. It was at this school that both my sister and I found something unique in secondary education. When reflecting on high school years with friends, the number one complaint is how terrible their teachers were. This is where Sequoia excels, the faculty that supported me during my four years there were interesting, caring, funny, intelligent, and so much more. There were countless situations where I needed support and I never had issues finding someone willing to go out of their way to help.

Every one of my teachers was willing to help, but some teachers had an outstanding effect on me as a person and on my education. First and foremost is Peter Hill, he has impacted my life to such a degree that I cant even begin to do it justice in this letter. Jeannie Welton also supported me the entire time I was at Sequoia. It was because of her that I was in student council and became student body president. She facilitated major high school memories for me, and her personality always kept myself and all the other students in light spirits. Without her I don’t think my high school experience would have been nearly as fun and I wouldn’t have been able to experience the many great things we did in her class.

Furthermore, Tito Morales gave me confidence in myself during a time where physical confidence was not something I had a lot of. Despite how I felt about my size, I was able to let all that go and learn to dance because Tito supported me and showed confidence in my abilities. I felt motivated to prove to him that I could be just as good as his son who has been dancing all his life, or all the girls that I had a crush on in that class. Because of his support and the opportunities he presented me with, I’m able to say that I performed for the Phoenix Mercury, Harlem Globetrotters, and so many more performances that I (proudly) was in the front row of the dance crew during the show.

During my time at Sequoia I definitely appreciated all these things that my teachers would do, but upon reflection I see now that these actions were far from the standard with high school teachers. I want to take the time to say thank you to each and every one of you for caring about your students, for that, results in the manifestation of confidence within the student. If it wasn’t for all my teachers at Sequoia I would not have nearly the amount of talents that I have now and my confidence would not be as solidified.

When you met me I had just graduated middle school and I was in, probably, the worst stage of my life, in terms of self-confidence. I went through four years at Sequoia and grew as a person and a student. I have now graduated from Grand Canyon University with a Bachelors of Business Management. I have interned in the corporate offices of Larry H. Miller in Utah and I now plan on going into sales, specifically medical technology. I have many lofty goals, but thanks to Sequoia and the rest of my education, I have the foundation, confidence and drive to reach those goals.

Thank you,
-Dane DeLand

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